Matsya Purana. Vayu Purana. Bhavishya Purana. Brahmanda Purana (incomplete) instructed this disciple of his in the knowledge of the Puranas. Translations of all 18 Maha Puranas of Sri Vyasadeva in English in PDF format. Contains: Vishnu Purana Naradiya Purana Padma Purana Garuda Purana. Download All Ved and Puran PDF Hindi Free .. 18 puran air 4 ved hamare hindu dharm ki neev hai. inse hum har siksha prapt karte hai. yeh puran aur ved .

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    18 Puranas Pdf

    Mar All 18 Maha Puranas in English (PDF) - English Translations of Vedic Texts in PDF - of listening to the eighteen Puranas. Taking into consideration that the Mahabharata text, consisting of one lakh verses, had already been composed in the fourth. Gradually they must have increased in number to 18 Puranas and as many UpaPuranas, the latter being definitely very late in time. 4. The Definition of Purana.

    If you have copy of any lost Vedpuran or manuscript then you can also contribute by sending it to us. You can send it in any Digital format to us, we will process. Just Upload Files to your Google Drive and share with vedpuran. This book answers all his confutation with proof and also serves as a reference book for the seekers aspiring to digest the theme of Sanathana Dharma and to reinforce their faith in the wisdom of our ancestors. Click on file Name to Download. Please note Vedpuran Never ask for any donation. Ignore if someone asking donation on our name.

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    18 Major Puranas – International Gita Society

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    The final part of this text is an appeal to self-knowledge as the key to liberation , going beyond austerities and study of the texts: "The fool, not knowing that the truth is seated in himself, is bewildered by the Shastras,--a foolish goatherd, with the young goat under his arm, peers into the well. There is a supplementary or concluding section called the Brahmottara Khanda, which contains about three thousand more; but there is every reason to conclude that this a distinct and unconnected work The immediate narrator of the Brahma Purana is Lomaharshana, who communicates it to the Rishis or sages assembled at Naimisharanya, as it was originally revealed by Brahma, not to Marichi as the Matsya affirms, but to Daksha , another of the patriarchs: hence the denomination of the Brahma Purana.

    It contains fourteen thousand five hundred stanzas. This Purana, as the name implies should be a book of prophesies , foretelling what will be bhavishyat , as the Matsya Purana intimates. It is subsequent to the Itihasas ; to the chief works on grammar , rhetoric , and medicine ; and to the introduction of the Tantrika worship of Devi. When this latter took place is yet far from determined, but there is every probability that it dates long after the beginning of our era.

    The materials of the Agni Purana are however, no doubt of some antiquity. The medicine of Sushruta is considerably older than the ninth century; and the grammar of Panini probably precedes Christianity.

    The chapters on archery and arms , and on regal administration, are also distinguished by an entirely Hindu character, and must have been written long anterior to the Mohammedan invasion. So far the Agni Purana is valuable, as embodying and preserving relics of antiquity, although compiled at a more recent date. It is the Purana of manifested Brahmin, which seems to be comprehensive of all topics of the Purana. As creator of the universe we find Radha playing a role that is extremely atypical of her earlier history , the role of a mother.

    She is called mother of Vishnu , mother of the world, and mother of all. Brahmananda Purana[ edit ] Brahmananda Purana , has declared in twelve thousand two hundred verses, the magnificence of the egg of Brahma , and in which an account of the future Kalpa is contained, as was revealed by Brahma.

    It is usually considered to be in much the same predicament as Skanda , no longer procurable in a collective body, but represented by a variety of Khandas and Mahatmyas, professing to be derived from it.

    It contains fifty five thousand stanzas. The second Purana in the usual lists is always Padma, a very voluminous work, containing according to its own statement, as well as of other authorities fifty-five thousand slokas ; an amount not far from the truth.

    These are divided amongst five books or Khandas: 1. Srishti Khanda, or section on creation ; 2. The Uttara Khanda, last or supplementary chapter. There is also current a sixth division, the Kriya Yoga Sara, a treatise on the practice of devotion. Most of the puranas are highly sectarian as is the Shiva Purana , which is one of the longer and larger puranas.

    Chaturvedi: Linga Purana , listed eleven in the order of composition , enunciates many rituals in the text with legends and stories that date back to a hoary period. It gives details of Shiva Puja It is said to have been originally composed by Brahma and the primitive Linga is a pillar of radiance , in which Maheswara is present.

    Horace H. LXVii-LXViii Linga Purana , listed eleven in the order of composition , enunciates many rituals in the text with legends and stories that date back to a hoary period. It has chapters in the first part and 55 in the second. The language of the Purana is difficult.

    Chaturvedi, in Linga Purana , p. Kurma Avatar incarnation of Vishnu. Kurma Purana is that in which Janardhana , in the form of a tortoise , in the regions under the earth, explained the objects of life — duty, wealth, pleasure, and liberation - in communication with Indradyumna and the Rishis in the proximity of Sakra, which refers to the Lakshmi Kalpa , and contains seventeen thousand stanzas.

    The first chapter of the Purana gives an account of itself. Samhitas are fourfold, from the variety of the collections. The Brahmi, Bhagavathi , Sauri, and Vaishnavi Matrika goddess , are well known to the four Sanhitas [religious character] which confer virtue , wealth , pleasure , and liberation …]]. Markandeya Purana[ edit ] B.

    Chaturvedi: Markandeya Purana along with Bhagavat Purana is considered to be quite a celebrated work. Ranked seventh in the list of Puranas, probably one of the oldest works, its recitation is believed to free one from taints of sin. Named after the sage Markandeya , who acquired its knowledge from Brahma , the creator , Markandeya Purana is that in which, commencing with the story of birds that were acquainted with right and wrong, everything is narrated fully by Markandeya , as it was explained by holy sages, in reply to the question of the Muni.

    It contains nine thousand verses, This is called from its being, in the first instance, narrated by Markendaya Muni, and, in the second instance place by certain fabulous birds. Liii Markandeya Purana along with Bhagavat Purana is considered to be quite a celebrated work.

    Named after the sage Markandeya , who acquired its knowledge from Brahma , the creator , its narration starts with sage Jaimini author of Mimamsa sutras approaching the wise birds Dronaputras appearing as birds residing in the Himalayas to get answers at the behest of Markandeya.

    Initially the Purana gets answers to the five basic questions: How was Vishnu born as a mortal? How Draupadi became the wife of five Pandavas? Why did Balabadra undertake the penance pilgrimage for having committed brahmanicide killing of Brahmins and why were the children of Draupadi destroyed so unceremoniously? These questions cover the whole gamut of ancient history, logic , morality , astronomy and so forth. Wilson : Varaha Purana is that in which the glory of the great Varaha is predominant, as it was revealed to Earth by Vishnu , in connection, wise Munis, with the Manava Kalpa, and which contains twenty-four thousand verses Varaha Purana is that in which the glory of the great Varaha is predominant, as it was revealed to Earth by Vishnu , in connection, wise Munis, with the ManAva Kalpa, and which contains twenty-four thousand verses It is narrated by Vishnu as Muni or in the boar incarnation , to the personified Earth.

    Like the Linga Purana , it is a religious manual, almost wholly occupied with forms of prayer , and rules for devotional observances, addressed to Vishnu; interspersed with legendary illustrations, most of which are peculiar to itself; though some are taken from the common and ancient stock; many of them, rather incompatibly with the general scope of compilation, relate to the history of Shiva and Durga.

    A considerable portion of the work is devoted to descriptions. In the sectarianism of the Varaha Purana there is no leaning to the particular adoration of Krishna, nor are the Rathyatra or Janmshtami included amongst the observances enjoined.

    Paying a visit pradarsana to the same is said to be infinitely meritorious. Skanda Purana, Ayodhya-Mahatmya. Quoted from Narain, Harsh The Ayodhya temple-mosque dispute: Focus on Muslim sources.

    Puranas - Wikipedia

    Delhi: Penman Publishers. It is a said to contain eighty-one thousand one hundred stanzas. In a collective form it is not noteable, but in fragments in the shape of Samhitas , Khandas [chapters], and Mahtmyas; the most celebrated of these portions in Hindustan is the Kali Khanda, a very minute description of temples of Shiva in or adjacent to Benares , mixed with directions for worshipping Mahehwara, and a great variety of legends explanatory on its merits, and of the holiness of Kashi.

    Many of them are puerile and uninteresting, but some are of a higher character. It is true that Armageddon is raging and incredible crimes have been committed, but it is also true that against the background of these terrors a speedy evolution rushes onward. One of these is the relative facility with which men fancy they can get at the "Gate" and cross the threshold of Occultism without any great sacrifice.

    It is the dream of most Theosophists , one inspired by desire for Power and personal selfishness , and it is not such feelings that can ever lead them to the coveted goal.

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