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    “Flawless Consulting is not just a practical, useful, and inviting book for practitioners. It's all those things, but it's also a book about some of the most vexing. Chapter 3 Flawless Consulting. Being Authentic. Completing the Requirements of Each Phase. Results. Chapter 4 Contracting Overview. Flawless Consulting Summary by Peter Block is a step by step guide to building healthy consultant relationships that will ultimately bring you.

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    Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used [Peter Block] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Third Edition to Peter. Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used. Read more Marketing Your Consulting Services: A Business of Consulting Resource. This Third Edition to Peter Blocks Flawless Consulting addresses business changes and new challenges since the second edition was written ten years ago.

    Hugh Russell Info e-russell. NB: This is not always the person who initially calls the consultant. Consultant: Change agent This is the person who is trying to have some influence over a group or organisation but has no direct power to make changes or implement programmes. Entry and contracting. Data collection and diagnosis 3.

    Aikido, Resistance, and Flawless Consulting

    Peter Block, Flawless Consulting What would you do differently next time? You get it no matter how reasonable and rational you are.

    The key to understanding it is to realize that it is a reaction to an emotional process taking place within the client. It is not the reflection of the conversation you are having with the client on an objective, logical, rational level.

    Peter Block, Flawless Consulting gillis 44 Understanding Resistance Resistance is a predictable, natural, emotional reaction against the process of being helped, and against the process of having to face up to difficult organizational problems. Resistance is a necessary part of the learning process, and wishing it to go away or not appear actually poses an obstacle. For the client to learn something important, the feelings of resistance need to be expressed directly before they are genuinely ready to accept something new.

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    View it as a natural process and a sign that you are on target. Support the client in expressing the resistance directly. Dont take the expression of the resistance personally or as an attack on your competence.

    They ask for finer and finer bits of information. Well it all started ten years ago on a Thursday Time The timing is off, or Were just too busy right now Impracticality We live in the Realworld and have Realworld problems Attack Dont withdraw or respond in kind.

    It means the reaction is being blocked. We have a business to run.

    We need content. There is no way you can talk clients out of their resistance, because resistance is an emotional process.

    Flawless Consulting (3rd ed.)

    Behind the resistance are certain feelings. You cannot talk people out of how they are feeling.

    Ueshiba died in , and we are fortunate to have video footage of the art as he practiced it. O Sensei, as Aikidoists call him, was a spiritually grounded warrior, who believed that the true budo martial art was love. The person being attacked Nage, pronounced nah-gay does not defend in the usual sense by blocking and striking back against the person offering the attack Uke, pronounced ooh-kay.

    Rather, Nage receives the attack as a gift. Thank you very much! As the strike is fully expressed, it loses its power to harm, and Nage is in a strong position to influence and move Uke. Aikido reminds me of the old cowboy movie with the runaway horse.

    The attack is the horse. I jump on, unite with the flow of energy, and allow it to safely dissipate.